Posh Watermelon Punch

Watermelon Punch | Sparkling Wine | Champagne | Refreshing Adult Drinks | Posh Floral Many of you have asked about my Watermelon drink in my Instagram post so here’s the way too easy recipe! Think Watermelon Mimosa…

1 15 oz Watermelon Juice (Wholefoods can juice this for you)

1 Cold bottle of Sparkling Wine or Champagne.

Lemon to taste

Optional- Add 1 cup of Pineapple Juice

In your favorite pitcher, pour in the whole bottle of Champagne, Watermelon Juice, and then Lemon Juice. Stir and Serve. Garnish with a watermelon slice or an American Flag.

*Recipe for 4 glasses. If you want to make more than 4 glasses just double the recipe.

No Alcohol Recipe: A bottle of Soda water and add 2 cups of Pineapple Juice.

Posh Powder Room

Of course, our first love is floral designing, but making our studio oh so Posh is high priority! Check out the finished decorating pieces to our Posh Powder Room. Thank you The Avery Grace’s husband for the awesome stripe paint job! Visit her blog here for more pictures by Dyan Kethley Photography. I have created the design of the bathroom and I would love to give you tips to updating a plain white bathroom. Get Ready….Lots of my secrets are about to be shared. Bathroom Signs | Pink and Red Bathroom | DIY Tiled Mirror | Posh Floral Designs Red and Pink Stripe Bathroom | Flower Pictures | Toilet Paper Holders | Beautify a Trash Can | DIY Tile Mirror | Bud vase ideas | White Sleeves Posh Floral Studio Shoot-37 Mini Hydrangeas | White Shelves | DIY White Bud vases | Pink and Red Stripe Walls Flower for Walls | Metal Flowers | Pink and Red Stripe Walls | DIY Paper Towel Holder | Nest Candles | Vanity for Bathrooms Tissue Holders | Faux crystal rocks | Room Spray Ideas | Pink and Red Stripe Walls Bathroom Decor Ideas | Ceramic Puppy | Tiled Mirror | Posh Floral Life is Beautiful Picture | Inspirational Framed Sayings | White Shelf | White Bud Vases Chess Pieces | Silver Trays | How to update your powder room | Pink and Red Stripe walls | Posh Florals White Antlers | How to make wall Antlers | Peony Pictures | Framed Flower Picture | Red and Pink Stripe Walls | White accents for bathrooms Metal Flowers | DIY Paper Towel Holder | Ideas of over the door | Red and Pink Stripe Walls | Posh Floral

Design Details::

Bathroom Sign- For the sign, I just painted a cute stick figure of the female and the male and framed it in an ornate frame. So easy!

Pink and Red Stripe: I don’t have the patience to paint stripes, so I called in the experts to do this for me!

Pictures: Paper Source is the place to go! Think outside the box when you are looking for a framed picture. Look at wrapping paper or even calendars 😉

DIY Tiled Mirror: I went to Lowe’s and got 4 sets of tile squares. I cut them to separate them so I could glue them on the mirror. I used Liquid Nails and worked my way around the frame. Tip: I taped the tiles to the mirror so they won’t move until the glue dried.

White Accents: You see all these white pieces in the decor. I literally spray painted everything white! Easy to update thing I already have.

Silver Trash Can: Spray Paint!

Toilet Paper Holder: I have lots and lots of vases. I found a vase that find the toilet paper and used that to be the holder. Quick and simple to do!

July Workshop

Flower Design Workshop, Fruit in Centerpiece, Flower Classes Dallas

Join us for a Posh Floral Workshop!

When: Saturday July 18th, 2015  9:30-11:30 Posh Floral Designs

Details: The workshop will be fun and informative! We will teach you foundational floral design skills and styles while we create a beautiful centerpiece for your table. There will be an emphasis on Summer fruit in the arrangement.  Lite bites and fruity bubbly will be served! All supplies will be provided.

Register: For this fun event, please email us info@poshfloral.com to register for the class by July 16th Noon. $125 for class. Payment is non refundable.