My love and my passion will always be Posh Floral and every Favorite Friday could be dedicated to why Posh is my fave! Y’all I just love my business! I love meeting brides and clients…like LOVE! I love people! I love flowers…they are just so incredible. Flowers all have personalities and are all so unique. It’s amazing to see a single beautiful flower and know that God created these flowers specially for our enjoyment and then I can create them into beautiful designs for weddings and events. Here are some of my favorite bouquet designs I have done! Happy Friday!

Pink and White Bouquet, White Peonies, Pink Ranuculus, white Ranuculus, Posh Floral Designs,
Photo by Sara and Rocky Photography
White Hydrangea Bouquet, White O'hara, White Bouquet, Posh Floral Designs,
Ambient 11 Photography

Red bouquets, Heart roses, Freedom Roses, Black Bacara, Posh Floral Design,

Golden Bouquets, Pink and white bouquets,

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