One of my most favorite things to do is socialize with friends over lunch so today’s Favorite Friday/Makeover Monday highlights my favorite Dallas women’s luncheon called Polish: refining the details! Polish has been something that I look forward to every week. I get excited to have a delish meal but most of all hang out with some of the coolest ladies in Dallas. Oh! And the best takeway or party favor is the speakers each week! Y’all they are just amazing! So when they asked me to be a guest blogger on their blog I was like OMG totally! I would love for y’all take a look at my Favorite Friday on Polish’s blog! It’s all about what to wear for a Summertime Soiree but of course with a Posh Floral spin by turning Flowers into Fashion! Click on the pic to see the blog post! Polish Ministries, Women's Networking Dallas, Posh Floral Designs, Guest Blogger, Dallas Blogger

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