This Favorite Friday is dedicated to Sweet Pea Events. SPE is one of my favorite wedding planners in Dallas, but they also have offices in Seattle and in New York City. I am a true believer in SPE because they take special care of their brides as well as have a such a unique approach in helping their brides find the best venue and vendors for their special day. Kelly Simants is the owner and the amazing brain behind Sweet Pea. Kelly specializes in “match making” for her brides and vendors. Kelly’s right hand woman in Dallas is Meaghan Cody. Meaghan assists with many of the weddings and specializes with month of wedding planning. I have had the great privilege working with SPE for many weddings and I am impressed with the great care they have for their brides. Here are some pictures of the events Sweet Pea Events and Posh Floral Designs have done together.

Sweet Pea Events, Dallas Wedding Planner, Posh Floral Designs, Dallas Florist, Rue Magazine

Super cute details by Sweet Pea Events for the Styled By event at Gap.

Picture Dust, Photo Booth ideas, Sweet Pea Events, The Gap, Rue Magazine, Posh Floral Designs

Angie of Posh Floral Designs, Jackie of Gil’s Elegant Catering and the amazing ladies of Sweet Pea Events, Meaghan and Kelly, enjoying the fun Picture Dust Photo Booth!

Gil's Elegant Catering, Posh Floral Designs, Sweet Pea Events, Rue Magazine, The Gap, Styled by events, Picture Dust, Photo booth

Kelly working her magic to help Lindsay’s bridesmaid out.

Sweet Pea Events, Trinity River Audobahn Center, Posh Floral Designs, Allison Davis Photography, Posh Floral Designs

Super cute! Scrabble game with the bride and groom’s last names! They just think of everything!

Scrabble Board, Dallas Wedding Planners, Dallas Wedding Florists, Sweet Pea Events, Posh Floral Designs, Allison Davis Photography

Angie with Shannon of Layered Bake Shop and Kelly of Sweet Pea Events! Fellow wedding vendors and friends!

Posh Floral Designs, Sweet Pea Events, Layered Bake Shop, Dallas Wedding Planner, Dallas Wedding Florist, Dallas Wedding Bakeries

Thank you Allison Davis Photography for the pictures from Lindsay’s wedding.

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