Most of the time (all the time) my blogs are pictures and not many words, but today I think it’s time for you to meet me and know my heart for Posh Floral Designs and my Posh Blog. I (Angie) have always loved being creative and designing. I found my love for flowers at Texas A&M while I was there studying Agriculture and Horticulture. Posh was born during my time at A&M and I am so blessed to have it still in my life.

And as I reflect on how far I have come (I have a studio now!!!) I can’t help but think what Posh Floral is for my clients. I believe one of the most exciting days in a person’s life can be the wedding day and because of that I want to bring joy to the bride and the groom by making amazing floral designs that will bring many memories. Some people say “Well no one ever remembers the flowers at weddings” and I say, “well that’s NOT a Posh Floral wedding!!” I long to have our weddings make you remember the flowers. These flowers are eye catching, stunning, and personal to the bride. They aren’t something the bride and friends can do on their own and they definitely are not something that you want to let just anyone or any florist do. I want you (bride) and ALL of your guests to remember the flowers for years and years!! Weddings are experiences and some experiences are forgotten because there is not a memory attached with it but with Posh Floral we treat the flowers like they are getting ready for fashion week or a special event. Our flowers and designs walk the Posh Floral Runway when they are given to the bride and just like a runway show people are taking notes as well as taking pictures. Another thing I want my readers and clients to know is that we CARE about you! I love people, so as much as each wedding is about the flowers it is more about the relationship we have built. From creating the proposal to ordering the flowers to designing the flowers for the wedding day, the bride and her desires are the #1 focus and honestly one of the fun parts because I am having to create these designs based on what YOU want! If I didn’t do  want you wanted you wouldn’t be too happy with me. Of course you are getting the Posh Floral style but you will always be the reason I design an arrangement one way over another. You (the Bride) are what makes my job so much fun and the friendships I build with you are what makes me happy!

Thanks for listening to my passions! A Posh Floral Design are floral designs that will ALWAYS be remembered! Posh Floral Designs, Pink Flowers, Large Centerpeices, Dallas Weddings, Dallas Wedding Florist
Thank you Kelly with Sweet Pea Events for the Pic!

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