Lauren Martin, Make it a Double PleaseSome of my dearest friends are fashion bloggers and if you haven’t seen the Valentine Brunch that we had at my floral studio make sure you go to Glitter Guide and visit our Posh Floral blog post for all the details on the floral we designed for the brunch. It’s a must see because the fashion and styles are the cherry on top to the party! If you ever have a “What should I wear today?” kinda day then follow their blogs and all avenues of social media for ideas on what to wear! And because we want to get to know YOU enter below to win a Victoria’s Secret Gift card! This One Sweet Giveaway ends on February 19th!

Posh Floral | The Teacher Diva | What Would Jen Wear | Ashley Michelle

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I love it! You can tell she’s a confident woman who know who she is and what she is. I see a lot of women on the steret all the time who wear the exact same thing, it may be pretty but it’s just oh-so-boring, so whenever I come across a woman like her it just make me happy 🙂

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